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            Modification of phenolic foam insulation Board
            Thermal insulation decorative Integration Board
            Phenolic pipe insulation system
            Phenolic fire belt
            Phenolic alumium foil sandwich Board
            • 2014 construction project management statistics

              2014 construction pr......


              2014 there were 7,279 construction engineering supervision enterprises participated in the statistics, compared with the previous year or 6.73%. Among......

            • Housing and urban-rural construction on promoting the construction of development and reform suggestions

              Housing and urban-ru......


              To thoroughly implement the 18 and 18 the spirit of the third plenary session of the party, promoting the development and reform of the construction i......

            • First passive low energy design standard for energy efficiency of residential buildings in China released

              First passive low en......


              Recently, by the Ministry of housing and urban-rural technology development center, Hebei province, China Academy of building research in conjunction ......

            • The real estate jargon, building-wide common nouns

              The real estate jarg......


              1. real estate: real estate and real estate company, real estate.
              2. five cards and two books: the planning permit of construction land, and the land......